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“I still dream to quiver rich,

And we still tremble poor.

Over, under, Madam and Bitch,

To each, her John Does floor.

Grieved cliche to ban the kiss,

And yet we all refuse.

To add one name onto our lists,

Of cants, and don'ts, and dudes.

Unuttered sighs of uncriticized law,

Polished flesh covering strong, well members.

Real grins and moans, matching fair new bras,

Sweet nights with long, full slumbers.

In which we lie in thoughts like these,

The things we once deserved.

Homes, and love, own families,

Now, far, and wrong, absurd.

Once done, now blue and black with lace.

Yes Sir it was my fault.

The suck, the chew, my class and taste?

My only taste is salt.”
-Hannah Kilfoyle-



Current Residence: Romania
Favourite style of art: portraits
-Fuck me? Fuck you! Fuck you and all this shitty rat hole you bathe in.
Fuck big breasts and the greasy idiots looking at them like is the fucking 8th wonder of the world.
Fuck the bitches with long fake nails who show them around at work like it's a fucking miracol they can even type.
Fuck the fat assholes i see lurking at every corner like they will fuck you up with a knife or a bullet if you look them straight in the eyes.
Fuck skinny ass hanged on heels club chicks who stare at you just because you came there to dance in your sneakers and you atract more eyes than their breast almost bursting from their push up bra.
Fuck  club boys with their waxed chests and pumped up biceps, sniffing in the bathroom and rubbing their dick on your ass on their way to the bar like, honey, isn't that what you're here for?
Fuck old acquaintances who i meet in vacations and expect me to stop in the middle of the street and pretend to be nice and interested in their pathetic little life. Get a fucking parrot.
Fuck fat girls reading all the labels to see how many calories they have. Go to the fucking gym.
Fuck motivational books who teaches me how to puke in 10 steps while reading that crap. If you want to change your life get the fuck out of your comfort zone.
Fuck middle class wives that only talk about their babies shit, how much the diapers cost , pots and pans . Is this the life you wanted? If so, stop fucking complaining.
Fuck working fathers who at the end of the day are too fucking tired to even kiss their kids goodnight. Hugs are too much to ask.
Fuck attention seeking whores who post what they eat on their status update and tag themselves in every fucking place they go. I can live just fine without knowing what you'll shit tomorow and where.
Fuck the media from this shitty country that promotes ignorance, stupidity, easy money and silicon bitches and then wonder how stupid kids are these days if they can't ever pass the baccalaureate exam. Yes, it's the kids fault that are born in a country were it's more important what underwear has some semi-naked bimbo on tv than  the sportive or intellectual results of the nation.
Fuck damaged people who think everyone has to put up with their pesimistic crap. Close yourself in a closet with a bag over you head for all i care. I don't have to cheer you up every fucking time your life sucks.
Fuck materialistic girls who think money will make them less of a cold hearted bitch.  You're not fooling anybody, sweetheart! He is still 67 and you're still 25, no matter what car you drive.
Fuck summer hits I hear everywhere I go. I need my memory space, not some fucked up lame shit lyrics about how Connect-r doesn't sleep in the summer.
Fuck this whole country and everyone in it. Let it burn to fucking ash, then let the waters rise and submerge this whole, rat-infested place.
-Fuck me? No.No. Fuck you Alexandra Banut. You have it all and you keep throwing it away. So, you either stop giving a fuck or you start, the choice is yours.

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